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Please note this work requires:

A minimum 3-month commitment and is by application only. Please see below for application form.

Coaching sessions may be facilitated face to face or on line via Zoom

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Are you feeling stuck or challenged by your current life’s circumstance?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unequipped and unable to pull yourself out of the situation you now find yourself in?

Are you struggling to make sense of why this is happening to you or trying to understand the meaning and purpose behind what is unfolding for you so that you can find the courage and strength to move forward with your life?

We are all susceptible to experiencing periods of chaos and crisis in life, no matter how they show up, be it, a career or financial crisis, a death, a divorce, or a diagnosis. Paradoxically, these experiences are designed to support your personal growth and help you fulfil your potential, even though this is far from what it feels like at the time.

During these circles of growth, where the growth feels acutely painful, overbearing and at times paralysing, it is important to remember there is a purpose to the chaos, destruction and disorder you are experiencing.

In fact, during these times there is a deeply profound opportunity for accelerated personal growth, if your  willing to unpack and untangle yourself from the self limiting perspectives, habits and dysfunctional behaviours, which you are often unaware you engage in.

These times are an opportunity to learn how to relinquish the need to control your environment and those around you and yet still feel centered, with a sense of trust, faith, order and direction.
Where letting go and surrender no longer feels like giving in, or giving up, but instead teaches you to allow and trust your self to be in co-creation, co-operation and collaboration with the flow of life.

Having navigated numerous growth circles in my own life, I have come to intimately understand the six stages of a growth circle and how to most effectively move through these stages in order to regain direction, meaning, purpose and a powerful sense of “faith and trust” rather than “control” in life.

My approach establishes:

  • Where you currently are in this six-stage process.
  • Specifically which areas of your life you are being asked to redefine and renegotiate in order to move through these six stages of change.
  • The tools and support you need in order to foster new perspectives, beliefs, habits, behaviours and choices to accelerate your circle of personal growth.
  • The self-confidence and self-trust to recognise and navigate future growth circles.

This work is profound and takes courage, willingness and commitment.

What you receive in return is invaluable, priceless and life changing.

Online Application

Personal Growth Coaching Application Form

This application process is designed to access your readiness for one on one personal development coaching. This form of coaching requires a level of time, commitment and willingness to work on many different levels of your consciousness. There are no right or wrong answers, this is purely background information.

4 reviews for Coaching for Personal & Spiritual Growth


    After seeing the results of the first year’s work I was inspired to sit down and set some life goals for the second year. These have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and have transformed my business and personal relationships and given my life a new richness.

    These results have been directly due to Jo’s depth of knowledge and her detailed and professional approach. Thanks to her background in nutrition, her growing interest in mental development, and her remarkable understanding of the human body she is able to take a holistic approach which guarantees long term results.

    Not only has she produced a physical and mental transformation in me but she has equipped me with a wide range of tools and techniques which will be of benefit to me for the rest of my life.

    Using Jo’s services has been a significant financial investment for me but it has produced better returns than any other. Although I must leave her now due to relocation her work will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  2. Taylor Ceil

    For the past 12 months Jo has coached me, with the original intention to grow myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I would say I have far outgrown these expectations. The inner work was different to previous experiences for me. The universal rays brought to my attention areas to work on in a non-judgmental way. I became the technician on myself through observance and compassionate inquiry. I developed motivation to shine the torch on my shadows for the first time, because Jo knew exactly how to guide me. I grew to have full acceptance for who I am, constantly being guided to do the work, even when I didn’t want to accept those parts of myself. I developed an understanding of the nature of my consciousness, which I would say is the most powerful tool I could ever gain. This tool creates my reality every second of the day, and the difference in my reality today compared to 12 months ago is unexplainable. The combination of these realisations has helped me make the choice to continue working with Jo for the next 12 months and beyond. Thank you for changing my life Jo

  3. Todd Kidd

    When I reached out to Jo for assistance with some challenges I was facing in my life and relationship she was quick to point out that I was projecting my troubles over accepting myself which exacerbated the challenges I was facing. My first dealings with Jo as a coach were firm but right on point with advising me to look deeper into my own limited structures and programs, allowing me to let go of blame towards myself and the other.

    From my very first session with Jo it was evident she was the right person for my growth, she has a unique ability to connect with the individual on many levels over following a program or structure enabling her to get the most out of each session. It didn’t take long for these sessions to take effect.

    As a former athlete I was always driven for more success and was hard on myself to get the job done. I would constantly beat myself up mentally feeling like a failure if I didn’t achieve what I had set out to. I always felt like I needed to achieve more. Jo was able to help me release that expectation and repeated negative thought patterns of myself, constantly beating myself up for not progressing at a faster pace. Little did I know living this way was masking the real problem and that was the relationship with myself.

    Thanks to Jo’s guidance I am in a much better place mentally, physically and emotionally. I have a much better understanding of how to deal with certain emotions when they arise in me, rather than suppressing them until they explode. I can now accept them for what they are and let go of that judgement I hold towards myself and the other. Without question this year has been the best year personally and professionally. My relationship with my wife is in a much better place and the business has outgrown any previous years without any extra effort or hustling for clients.

    I am so grateful for the time I worked with Jo. To get such profound results in just a few months is humbling and credit to her ability to connect with the person on their level. I will certainly be returning to Jo’s teachings regularly to continue on my path of self-mastery and if I ever find myself stuck I won’t hesitate to reach out for her assistance. I couldn’t recommend Jo highly enough to assist anyone in their personal and professional development.

  4. Tom Schurr

    I undertook an intensive 18 month mentorship with Jo at a time of deep personal and professional change and growth. The program far exceeded expectations and also far expanded on the scope originally foreseen or understood by me.

    To have Jo’s help in both the personal/energetic/spiritual realm and then also in the business creation was a blessing. I can’t imagine walking the path I have without support. The period I went through with Jo was both the most challenging and rewarding that I have experienced in my life and has set a platform for me for current and future success, growth, awareness and connection. I don’t think I could have navigated it alone or think the results of anyone would be the same without such guidance and support.

    Through this time and with Jo’s support and guidance, I sold my (family) business, launched a holistic health and wealth mentoring platform and also entered into a more aligned business venture. I know feel more connected to those I serve, my three amazing children and supportive wife, and at ease with how my journey is unfolding.

    I continue to stay connected with Jo as a mentor beyond the formal engagement and I am forever grateful for the time we spent together. I highly recommend a mentorship such as this to anyone looking to walk their path and create a better world.

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