Nutritional Coaching

Consultations, face to face or via Zoom

  • Initial consultation – 90 minutes – $225
  • Follow up consultations – 1 hour – $195

Please note a 24 hour cancellation fee applies

To book an appointment please call Jo on 0412271224 or email on



Do you suffer from poor gut health that causes all sorts of seemingly unrelated problems like headaches, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, bloating, constipation, anxiety or chronic joint pain?

I take an evidence-based approach to nutrition, which shows everyone has his or her own biochemical individuality. This literally means there is no one size fits all approach to following nutritional guidelines.

Your unique biochemistry means that your nutritional needs and diversity of needs are unique to you.

I coach you to listen to your body’s biological feedback and nutritional needs.

I specialise in anti-inflammatory meal plans with a particular focus on liver, gut and adrenal recovery programs.

When you support your liver, restore your adrenals and establish a healthy gut microbial environment, you support your physical as well as mental and emotional health to flourish.

My expertise lies in providing the practical tools and emotional support required to implement new nutritional and lifestyle habits. We often know what we need to do, and yet sometimes the ‘how’ can be overwhelming. I take the anxiety out of the experience by breaking the changes down into easy and achievable steps for long-term sustainable success.

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Initial consultation, Follow up sessions, ½ day home pantry make over


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