Certified Courses

Our certified courses support you in both your personal and spiritual development.

Our certified courses are designed specifically for healers, channels, lightworkers and spiritual seekers wishing to learn how to work with higher consciousness and connect more deeply to their own higher self-consciousness.  All our courses are high frequency teachings channeled directly from a council of Ascended Masters.  

For a long time spirituality and the healing arts have been taught through an intellectual understanding of metaphysics as a way of grasping concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, space and manifestation. Studying such concepts through the intellect of the lower mind offers a limited experience and understanding of these spiritual and universal principles.

About twenty to thirty years ago various evolved channels such as In’Easa mabu Ishtar began channeling high frequency teachings providing the esoteric minded person a new path for personal and spiritual growth. These higher frequency teachings opens the lower mind to receiving from the higher consciousness of your heart, allowing for truth and wisdom to be experienced beyond the logical and intellectual mind.

Whether you’re looking to advance your gifts as an energy healer or support your personal and spiritual growth, our certified courses will offer you the depth and breadth you’re looking for.

More than ever individuals are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, their soul and their souls purpose. Our courses provide you with organised lessons and activations that awaken your consciousness to a greater level of self-awareness, whilst activating codes of consciousness that support you to lift your vibration and expand your perception of reality.

Through being given a clear understanding of energy anatomy you are taught how to work with your energy and come into self-mastery of your consciousness and all you choose to create with it.   

You will learn how to work with your chakras, your light body and their 12 energy bodies. You will discover how to work with the 12 Universal laws that govern the physical world of matter.

As you learn to become the master observer. You are taught how to work with your energy. To bring what is sitting in incoherent resonance (separation and limitation) within your auric field into coherent (harmonised and balanced) energy. As you do this, you start to think, feel, behave, and create in alignment to your highest potential.

We have students from all over the world that have had their lives transformed through the teachings offered within our course.

Joanna Rushton


Educator, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Healer, Author, Speaker.

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