The Masters Way


LEVEL 1 – 3

The Master’s Way is a 3-year self-mastery program that teaches you how to master your life and become self empowered through the knowledge, wisdom and mystery of the Universe.

Learn to resolve your self-limiting beliefs, which create you to feel the victim of your circumstances and experiences, so that you can come into manifesting your highest potential and create the life your soul intended.

This course is by application only, please see below.

Level 1 Path of Light: February 2021 – December 2021 registrations now open

  • $1795.00 includes all materials  or
  • $2395.00 includes all materials + 3 Universal Rays Healings

Level 2 Path of Love: February 2021 – December 2021 registrations now open

  • $1595.00 includes all materials or
  • $2195.00 includes all materials + 3 Universal Rays Healings

Level 3 Path of Mystery February 2021 – December 2021 registrations now open

  • $1595.00 includes all materials or
  • $2195.00 includes all materials +  3 Universal Rays Healings
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The Masters Way is broken down into three levels, each taking approximately a year to complete. We meet once a week online for 3 hours. There are 30 lessons and channelled activations in level 1 and 33 lessons and channelled activations in level 2 and level 3.

Although not compulsory, It is highly recommend students receive 3 Universal Ray healings during each level to support their consciousness to open and expand and integrate the energy work of the course.

This first level is the Path of Light, which shows you how to work with the Divine light of your masculine consciousness, the energy of the Universe and focus this energy to manifest and create the life your soul wishes to live.

The Second level, Path of love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you, and shows you how to work with the Divine love of your feminine consciousness. The path of love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you.

You learn how to love and embrace all that you are, honouring, acknowledging and accepting both your shadow and light. It is the path, which opens you to seeing and receiving from the limitlessness opportunities and possibilities within life it self.

The third level, Path of Mystery supports you to open more deeply to your unique gifts. Only when you have resolved sufficient unbalanced energy within your divine masculine and your divine feminine consciousness, can you truly come into the mastery of your souls gifts, and ground the power of creation through the divine light and love that you are, into your life.

I am in deep gratitude to Master channel In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the council of 33 Masters that have brought forth this work.

Online Application

Masters Way Application Form

This application process is designed to access your readiness for a course, which involves high frequency and activation work together with processes that create a deep shift and realignment of your subconscious and unconscious programing. As such, a certain level of experience in doing consciousness work which, illuminates self limiting beliefs and behaviours is required in order for you to receive the full benefits of this program. There are no right or wrong answers, this is purely background information.

1 review for The Masters Way

  1. Nick Perry – Chek Professional

    The Masters Way course, in the most beautiful and supportive of ways, has shifted my understanding of reality like nothing else. My world view has evolved immensely in a way that supports me to rise above old stories and a perceived sense of entropy on our planet.

    This has happened gradually and purposefully throughout this course. What I love most, is that the emphasis of this learning journey has been centered around my own life experience, connecting me to my deeper truth, my essence, and the karma I’m here to work with.

    The lessons and master activations that make up the curriculum, work with me and serve me on levels beyond the mind. This for me is what makes The Path of Light experience exceptionally powerful and potent.

    The spiritual elements of the course are balanced with highly practical and useful tools and practices to integrate into my day to day life.

    The group learning environment has enhanced my experience more than I could have ever anticipated. Our facilitator and mentor in this course, Jo, offers a transmission and mastery of the content that feeds enthusiasm to stick with the journey. She is also an invaluable and accessible support when extra attention is needed.

    The Masters Way body of work has activated and initiated me to a higher level of consciousness. That is a sentence I don’t write flippantly. This work is empowering to me personally and it is a revolutionary offering to the planet and all that live here. I believe the more people studying this work and learning to anchor their own light pillars here in the 3rd dimensions – the sooner we will all be living in a land of love, connected, together.

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