The Masters Way Course

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The Master’s Way is a 3-year Spiritual Self-Mastery School that teaches you how to master
your life and become self empowered through the knowledge, wisdom and mystery of the

  • Come into the understanding of what it means to be a multidimensional being.
  • Learn to work with your energy so that you can lift your vibration and move
    beyond your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how the consciousness you choose creates your moment-to-moment reality.
  • Learn to connect deeply with yourself to uplift and expand your energy.
  • Learn to be present in the moment and step out of being the victim to your
  • Embrace your higher potential now

Please see further information about this course below:

Level 1 Path of Light: Starts March 6th 2024.


Course fee for the year is $3100

Early Bird Registrations $2850 SAVE $250 ends November 30th

Registrations Close January 30th

A non-refundable deposit of $550 secures your place

Limited to 20 participants

Should you wish to pay in instalments, there is a 6 month payment. Please contact me directly

Fee includes:

     .     Personal Universal Soul Ray Reading

  • Your 332 page Path of Light Manual
  • Student Journal
  • Set of Lower chakra codes
  • Live weekly online classes 2-2.5-hrs (all classes are recorded and made available 24hrs later)
  • Audios of each teaching and energy attunements
  • Your personal Focus for the year channelled from the Masters
  • Australian postage

Level 2 Path of Love: Next school starts March 2024 Registrations opening soon.

$2750.00 includes all materials

Level 3 Path of Mystery: Next school starts March 2024 Registrations opening soon.

$2750.00 includes all materials



The Masters Way is broken down into three levels, each taking approximately a year to complete. We meet once a week online for 2-2.5 hours. There are 30 lessons and channelled activations in level 1 and 33 lessons and channelled activations in level 2 and level 3.

Although not compulsory, It is highly recommended students receive 3 Universal Ray healings during each level to support their consciousness to open and expand and integrate the energy work of the course.

This first level is the Path of Light, which shows you how to work with the Divine light of your masculine consciousness, the energy of the Universe and focus this energy to manifest and create the life your soul wishes to live. It is in this course that your blindspots that overshadow you and limit you in some way are brought to your attention so that you can learn what and how you are creating your reality.

As you learn to become the master observer. You are taught how to work with your energy. To bring what is sitting in incoherent resonance (separation and limitation) within your field. Into coherent (harmonised and balanced) light frequency. As you do this, you start to think, feel, behave and create in alignment to your Divine Will (highest potential). Rather than being controlled and limited by your free will (ego personality)

During this course you learn how to work with your chakras, your 12 energetic bodies, Karma, Universal Laws, light rays of energy, the soul, the light body and much more.

The Second level, Path of love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. And shows you how to work with the Divine love of your feminine consciousness. The path of love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you.

You learn how to love and embrace all that you are, honouring, acknowledging and accepting both your shadow and light. It is the path, which opens you to seeing. And receiving from the limitlessness opportunities and possibilities within life it self.

The third level, Path of Mystery supports you to open more deeply to your unique gifts. Only when you have resolved sufficient unbalanced energy within your divine masculine. And your divine feminine consciousness, can you truly come into the mastery of your souls gifts. And ground the power of creation through the divine light and love that you are, into your life.

I am in deep gratitude to Master Channel In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the council of 33 Masters that have brought forth this work.

Additional information


Initial consultation, Follow up sessions, ½ day home pantry make over


Level 1, Level 2

Online Intake Form

The Masters Way Intake Form

This application process is designed to access your readiness for a course, which involves high frequency and activation work together with processes that create a deep shift and realignment of your subconscious and unconscious programing. As such, a certain level of experience in doing consciousness work which, illuminates self limiting beliefs and behaviours is required in order for you to receive the full benefits of this program. There are no right or wrong answers, this is purely background information.

16 reviews for The Masters Way Course


    The Masters Way course, in the most beautiful and supportive of ways, has shifted my understanding of reality like nothing else. My world view has evolved immensely in a way that supports me to rise above old stories and a perceived sense of entropy on our planet.

    This has happened gradually and purposefully throughout this course. What I love most, is that the emphasis of this learning journey has been centered around my own life experience, connecting me to my deeper truth, my essence, and the karma I’m here to work with.

    The lessons and master activations that make up the curriculum, work with me and serve me on levels beyond the mind. This for me is what makes The Path of Light experience exceptionally powerful and potent.

    The spiritual elements of the course are balanced with highly practical and useful tools and practices to integrate into my day to day life.

    The group learning environment has enhanced my experience more than I could have ever anticipated. Our facilitator and mentor in this course, Jo, offers a transmission and mastery of the content that feeds enthusiasm to stick with the journey. She is also an invaluable and accessible support when extra attention is needed.

    The Masters Way body of work has activated and initiated me to a higher level of consciousness. That is a sentence I don’t write flippantly. This work is empowering to me personally and it is a revolutionary offering to the planet and all that live here. I believe the more people studying this work and learning to anchor their own light pillars here in the 3rd dimensions – the sooner we will all be living in a land of love, connected, together.

  2. Matilda Coates

    Path Of Light has been the incredible journey of understanding and being witness to the divine that you are. Guiding you with the tools to see your own light and allow it to shine with no judgement or fear of your true being. It is a place of unconditional love and support, nourishment from fellow students and light beings. It enables you to stay grounded and learn to receive and embrace all that you are as your are. I can now be in my light and can catch myself when I am triggered or if pieces of me are resisting the light. I can now honour these pieces rather than ignore them. Path Of Light is a wholesome and literal soul food journey. If you feel like your wearing glasses another has said you need to wear and you find yourself in a blur then this course is for you, it’s time for you to put the glasses on you want to wear so you aren’t affected by the blur (distractions) that hides your shining light. It’s time to embrace the being of light that you are.

  3. Kristy Renae Obst

    I have nearly completed my 2nd year of working with Jo, with the master’s way 3-year self-mastery school. I have truly transformed my life over the past 2 years, I was living unconsciously with a victim mentality but it played out in a way I didn’t expect. I am an over-achiever, I do everything to the best of my ability, I thought doing this meant I wasn’t a victim because I was trying however my efforts were a hard struggle and never seemed to pay off, I was dealing with chronic fatigue, money problems and life threw me one drama after another.
    Today I live in balance, the amount of peace, grace and ease that fills my life is unimaginable to the woman I was 2 years ago. When I have struggle days I move through them with heightened awareness, easily and swiftly. The opportunities that my outer life shows to me now is a reflection of a deep self-love that I have for myself now.
    I highly recommend taking this journey

  4. Lisa Miller

    Path of Light and Path of Love has supported me by teaching me to honour, love and embrace myself from a higher perspective. To value my journey on a soul level and avoid being pulled into my emotions, that lead to chaos and drama. I have observed many changes in myself from this body of work, choosing to go inward for the wisdom and knowledge rather than seeking outward for the answers I seek.
    I am incredibly grateful to Joanna for guiding me through receiving this wonderful work in order to expand and learn a deeper awareness of where my healing is required in order to lean more fully into my soul purpose.

  5. Todd Kidd

    I am currently finishing up my first year of “Self-Mastery” with Path of Light. When Jo was kind enough to bring this course to my attention, at first, I considered walking this journey alone as I have done so for much of my life. An aspect of myself which likes to control the environment around me to feel safe, an aspect I was unaware of before commencing the course.

    I was so grateful that I decided to join Jo and her group of wonderful light beings. I was astounded by how much I related to each and everyone’s weekly challenges in the course. This gave me a deep sense of connection with a larger group of people which I have protected myself from experiencing for most of my life.

    Jo has such a unique ability at getting the most out of everyone in an online class setting which is quite a feat considering there were 33 students to guide through the lessons. The lessons were fantastic, I couldn’t imagine what it would have looked like if I did attempt this on my own. I found myself wanting to tune in each week and listen to the experiences of others bringing a deeper connection each time.

    The biggest take for me over the first year has been letting go of the need to control everything around me and accepting myself for who I am and where I am at in my journey. Allowing myself the space every-day to just be and not continually chase something that I perceived would lead to a better life. That alone has led to a better life. I walk forward each day without fantasising over the life I wanted or pursuing clients that don’t fit my values. I walk in acceptance for both the challenges I face and have let go of the constant need to control them.

    This has been a very challenging year for many but on a personal and professional level for myself it has been the most successful year I have had and has given me the motivation to continue the work on the path of understanding myself on deeper levels.

  6. Josh Hamilton

    The masters way has been the most incredible path.

    Impossible to put into words all the things that have changed for me but.

    My connection with everything that is me is so much deeper, being able to tap into what’s right for my path, my relationship is better with my partner is fantastic, my work in my business is amazing, my financial health is sensational.

    The course covers so much that was exactly what I needed and the lessons were fantastic.

    Jo is an extremely special guide that helped the wisdom sink even further for me.

    The experience in the whole has changed the courage I have and the way I want to live my life.


  7. Cameron Ashley

    The past 3 years of the Masters Way has been life changing fro me on every level. The masters and Jo arrived at a time in my life where change / transition was occurring and with out the guidance, support and consistency of my group I would be in a very different place than I am now.

    Each year was a beautiful unfolding that supported each other. There were many levels of growth and learning that I experienced but the most profound shift was my awakening my connection to my divine self. A relationship that I had forgotten due to different attachments / self judgements.

    Jo is amazing teacher, healer and facilitator and her ability to hold space for large groups is astonishing. I would highly recommend the Masters Way to anyone that is willing and interested in exploring their divine essence.

  8. Nick Kallas

    Couldn’t be happier that Jo introduced me to The Masters Way program after completing HLC1 with her. I was someone that was quite new to this space and without much knowledge but very open to learning and understanding as it felt right for me.

    The Path of light has been a beautiful journey for me to better understand the collective consciousness and has helped me greatly in finding my light from within. I have learnt to sit with things with a deeper understanding and to also trust in the process. This course has made such a positive change in my life in so many ways and it’s only the beginning, cant wait to see what the next couple of years hold.

    Having shared and experienced so much with the group, their collective dynamic makes you realise how much love and support you have throughout the journey.

    Jo is an awesome teacher and I can not thank her enough for everything she does. I highly recommend embarking on this journey.

  9. Andrew Baker

    I’d make it 6 stars, but that’s not an option.

    I have been an anxious and depressed mess for my entire adult life, and probably into my teenage years honestly. I’ve been into personal development, health, and other spiritual practices for the past 15 years or more. Most of the stuff I have done has helped me to some degree, some has helped more, but the Master’s Way has been the most beneficial for me.

    I just finished year 2 with Jo, and I will take year 3 with another teacher (because I’m moving continents). In the past 2 years I’ve gone from an anxious/ nervous/ depressed wreck of a human being to functional to beginning to thrive and really come into my own.

    For so long I was anxious/depressed for no easily identifiable reason. I’d just be down about life and then manically worried. Friends and family were clueless about me. I’m smart, have potential, and many abilities, but I just couldn’t get it together no matter how many books I read, journals I wrote, ohmmms I ommed, meditations I did, and therapy sessions I went to. Progress was painfully slow.

    Then I started The Master’s Way, and progress was still painfully slow and not noticeable. Then one day, I noticed certain things didn’t bother me as much. I felt my inner support system coming online. I was more at peace. After about 1.5 years I started to really reap the rewards from doing the meditations and simple course-work from the textbook. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and it’s given me the most profound results. And now I seem to get much more benefit from other therapists, books, meditations, etc. whenever I use them.

    The course could be taken with any number of teachers, but if you’ve come across Jo, I highly recommend her. She has a special gift to cut to the core of your issues directly yet softly enough as to not offend you and make you run away.

    No results can be guaranteed of course. Some of my fellow students advanced quickly, and some more slowly. And everyone grew differently depending on where they were in life. But I can say with full confidence that if you feel called to put in the work, it’ll pay off in ways you can’t even predict.

    Say thanks to your doubts, and sign up anyway if you feel called at this time.

  10. Tom Schurr

    The Masters Way has been the most powerful and profound course and pathway to growth I have experienced in my life.

    The course is beautifully structured in a way you evolve with it as it unfolds. You begin to learn the nature and way you are creating and learn to allow the mystery of you, your power and place in the universe to unfold in a magical way.

    Through Jo’s teaching, the safe space held, the connection to a group and consistency of contact, you are supported and can grow in such a safe and open space. The environment and content create something way more powerful than the sum of the parts. Growing individually and collectively with the group over the last 3 years has been one of the most profound and beautiful journeys to be on.

    I encourage anyone open to growth, understanding and creating greater connection to lean in and experience the gifts this course will give.

  11. Renske Van Dan Braak

    What an amazing journey Path of Light has been! It allowed me to open up to parts of me that I had forgotten about. A sense of deeper truth within my being. Learning about the power of my light, the power of my choice to create in life. It has been a transformative year where I experienced on every level how we manifest here on Earth.

    Jo is amazing at holding space and pointing out exactly what you’re asked to look at to resolve the karma that holds you in limitation, to connect deeper to your true self. Walking the path together with the group, as well as being supported by the Ascended Masters has made this journey so magical.

    If you’re sitting on the fence and reading these reviews, I would say: trust that inner knowing!

  12. Troy Methorst

    Powerful. Amazing and massively life changing

    I’m so grateful for all the learnings offered throughout this supported journey.

    I can honestly say I’ve come to a whole new level of being. From a self destructive, self sabotage way of life to becoming kind, caring and compassionate, of all of me.

    I’ve found the power to heal myself and grow. The Courage to be me.

    It was all possible with the teachings of the life mastery course and the guidance and mentorship of Jo Rushton. She is such an amazing human being! She has the ability to see and hear you for you and also has the power to cut through the noise of any story and get to the core of the situation.

    I’m sooo so grateful for the support of all the other students on the journey as well. We have truely become a family.
    If your still reading I’d be surprised if you needed any more encouragement to book NOW. Stop reading and book! Now!

    It’s worth it, YOUR worth it!

    I’ve participated in many personal development course throughout my life and I can honestly say this is by far the most impactful course.

    I’ve come to a whole new level of being and understanding, finding out what’s driving my actions and behaviours. Not only that but having now the power to choose to continue those ways of being or not.

  13. Heath Milton

    I felt a curiosity and a calling to The Path of Light when Jo first mentioned it a year ago, yet I was unsure what I was getting into. Now that I look back, I could never have guessed that it could have had such a profound and transformative impact on my life in the past 12 months.

    It has brought awareness to the deeply ingrained patterns playing out in my life that had me feeling stuck, overwhelmed and in despair. What the course gave me was the tools and understanding to bring these to the surface and transform them in a way that left me feeling greater love for myself, greater connection to myself and more whole. This has had a positive impact on how I take care of myself, and the relationships I have with my friends and family.

    Having gone through many personal development courses in the past, I can confidently say the work I’ve done in The Path of Light has become the foundation for when I’m presented with challenges in every day life.

    It was a lot of fun and gathering with Jo and the other students was a highlight of my week. It was beautiful to feel so supported and to build such great relationships with the other students in the course, who were all on a similar journey.

    If you’re someone that is feeling stuck and experiencing difficulty overcoming the circumstances that life presents, or committed to a path of growth, and wanting to experience more joy and fulfilment in life I couldn’t recommend the Path of Light enough.

  14. Chad Dobson

    I have completed Path of Light and Path of Love and am preparing to open up further to the Path of Mystery.
    Path of Light was 12 months of realisations of the choices I was making to create the life I was living. I can tell you that I moved into a deep acceptance of the amount of force I was using inwardly and outwardly to progress in a way that I thought I had to, I knew no other way. Really though, the bullish approach I was living with had run its course…..
    Path Of Love was 12 months of opening up to the support that was present for me to create what my heart desired, without necessarily needing to use the force that I had for so much of my life. It was about me being open enough to receive the support how it was presented, not necessarily how I thought it should have arrived.
    Through both experiences, Jo was a steady presence, guiding me along with the group, with an intuitive ability to constantly use the right words for what was needed.
    Under her tutelage I have created meditation groups that I guide, began coaching individuals as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and also started a group for Bereaved Dad’s which was a deeply personal offering for me. Most importantly though, I feel much more at home in my skin. My 14 year old son even noted recently ” the vibe around you has changed Dad”.
    This is indeed life changing work, for you and those around you!

  15. Jeff Stubbs

    I first met Jo as a student of a health workshop in 2019. I knew that one day I would learn more from Jo. When Jo mentioned this course I took a leap of faith and signed up. It has been challenging and also fulfilling. I can honestly say that working with Jo has opened my eyes to an entirely new life of happiness and abundance. I highly recommend The Masters Way.

  16. Poss McDonald

    I am so grateful to the universe for pointing me to Jo’s course. After suffering a tragic loss, and feeling like I couldn’t start the course, Jo encouraged me to take the plunge and allow myself to be supported by this wonderful group. The personal growth I have undergone this year has been phenomenal – I could not have achieved this on my own. I have learnt so much about myself and my relationships and feel so much stronger than a year ago and very relaxed with my path, my journey. Such a privilege to be guided by Jo and to meet so many like minded souls.

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