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Open To Channel is a 12-month journey channelled by In’easa mabu Ishtar from a council of 33 Ascended Masters. The course is designed for individuals who are truly called to open to and be guided by their Divine presence in their life. Learning to open your channel to co-create with spirit to manifest your highest potential.

School starts April 13th 2023 – Registrations close March 1st 2023

Course fees are $3995.00 for the year and includes:

  • Your Open to Channel manual
  • Weekly online meetings 3hrs
  • 3 Universal Ray Healings – For those not yet familiar with this healing modality, click here 
  • Audios of each teaching and energy attunements
  • Personal Channel from the Masters
  • Australian postage

$500 deposit is required to secure your registration.

The balance is due April 1st 2023

Payment plans can be arranged on request.

Please apply using the online application tab below

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In truth we are all channels. However the question to ask yourself is what or who are you channeling. The will of your ego or your Divine will. Open to channel teaches you to master your energy, open your channel and be in service to your light. This course teaches you to open to and receive your spiritual current and allow it to flow through you. As this occurs you begin to channel from your higher self consciousness. Whilst resolving any aspect of you in limitation or resistance to receiving from your divine self.

The Masters say your channel pillar “is the elevator that takes you up or down and connects you with all that you are – the many amazing parts of you”

This journey focuses on opening your consciousness to acknowledging, accepting and embracing the multidimensional nature of your being. Which holds your light and its wisdom, so that you can co-create this as your truth on earth.

As this occurs, you are then able to receive clear guidance and knowing in the form of. Although not limited to: messages, sound, sacred geometry and images wisdom teaching and much more.

Your Student package includes:

  • 367-page student manual with 40 lessons and 100s of Tools
  • Welcome letter with the name of your assigned Ascended Master, personal focus for the year and a channeled personal message from your Master, which is done by Ishtar.
  • 96 x MP3 audio recordings of channels, meditations and lessons
  • Membership to the Open to Channel Facebook (secure private) group
  • Assignment of a student Buddy – students will be grouped into pairs so they can work together for extra support
  • Assignment of a Higher Self – includes the name of one of your higher selves channeled for you by Ishtar (This is given about 5 months after course starts)
  • Assignment of a special project that you will need to do and complete through the direct guidance of your Higher Self – the basic details of this is channeled for you by Ishtar
  • On completion of the course a certificate of accreditation is issued to you
  • Graduates may be invited to join the Love and Wisdom Council Mentor Group – an advanced group of Open to Channel students offering loving service to humanity in deep co-creation through the direct channel of a Higher Self
  • PLUS lots of extra tools, guidance and assistance offered by me during the course
  • All graduates of Open to Channel may apply to teach The Masters’ Way self-mastery program (3 levels) to your own network. Click here for more information.

Additional information


Initial consultation, Follow up sessions, ½ day home pantry make over


Level 1, Level 2

Online Application

Open to Channel Application Form

This application process is designed to access your readiness for a course, which involves high frequency and activation work together with processes that create a deep shift and realignment of your subconscious and unconscious programing. As such, a certain level of experience in doing consciousness work which, illuminates self limiting beliefs and behaviours is required in order for you to receive the full benefits of this program. There are no right or wrong answers, this is purely background information.

5 reviews for Open To Channel Course

  1. Matilda Coates

    Open to Channel, where do I start. If I am honest I didn’t really know what I was signing up for but somewhere in me knew that I had to take part in this journey. This is the part that I discovered and learned to acknowledge and embrace throughout the year. A part that has always been me, a part that is the true essence of my being. I can see clearly now, I trust the mystery, I have learnt to let go, to be open to the unknown. Befriended my beautiful mind and accessed my light.
    This course has gifted me so many tools to access the abundance of life and also enabled me to become aware of my own gifts. If you want to discover yourself and embrace yourself this is the course for you. In this year I learnt to accept myself, honour myself and acknowledge the parts of myself I didn’t want to know about and through this the growth and blessing of all the things that make up me continue to shine. Thank you Jo for being an incredible mentor and teacher and thank you Ishtar for bringing this through to share.

    • admin

      It has been such a joy to watch you grow and connect to profoundly to your higher self and her many gifts. Seeing you now go out into the world with clarity, direction and trust in your channel is humbling to say the least. Cant wait to watch your path unfold.

  2. Noha Moustafa

    The Open to Channel course has been by far the most influential course I have ever attended.
    Over the course of a full year, we would meet weekly and be illuminated by the love, knowledge and personal life skills of Jo Rushton.
    Every week I felt supported, held, nourished and never once felt judged. This course has opened me to my highest potential. It has inspired me to keep on seeking, learning with enthusiasm from my higher self and experiencing self growth on every level.
    Over the course of the year, I have grown intensely within myself which was reflected on everything I do. The amount of emotional stability I now have has helped me achieve what I want, has to taught me how to proceed in life and what and how to choose.
    Everyday I would enjoy what I do more and more. That includes my profession, my family life, my connection with others and above all my connection with myself and Spirit.
    I have resolved many false beliefs I had and continue to move forward in every way. I feel supported and loved wherever I go. I feel the connection to spirit, angels and ascended masters.

    I highly recommend this course but above all highly recommend Jo. She has an Integerative approach to life and her knowledge and expertise in so many areas surpassed my expectations.

    Thank you Jo for facilitating this change in us. Thank you for all that you do and for being You.

    • admin

      What a gift you hold Noha, thank you for trusting the journey and opening to so many more parts of you. Your commitment to really look within for the change you wish to see is inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing what your channel continues to offer to you and humanity. Much love J X

  3. Renske van den Braak

    For some reason, my soul was drawn to this course. I didn’t know what a Channel was at the start, but something in me knew I had to sign up. So if there’s a deeper part of you that’s drawn to reading this and contemplating signing up: trust that knowing, that voice, that feeling, whatever it may be for you.
    This journey of Open to Channel has given me so much trust in myself, my soul, my inner guidance. I now have the tools to be able to navigate through the challenges of life, constantly deepening my connection to spirit. It allowed me to be courageous to step into my light, my power and embrace my full potential of serving Mother Gaia and Humanity. How that is going to unfold, is something I don’t worry about anymore. That is part of the mystery. I know it will happen as it is supposed to happen and I can only say: that feels so free! I wish for everyone to create a deeper connection to the higher parts of them and the freedom & power that comes with it. I highly recommend this course and working with Jo. She holds an amazing gift. Thank you so much Jo, for all that you are and for sharing this profound course. Thank you, Ishtar, for your gift of bringing through the wisdom of the Ascended Masters.

  4. Joann Farkas

    Oh Jojo… how to put into words. OTC was such a gift and having your guidance and expertise as a foundation and testimony to the work was truly a blessing.
    I really didn’t know what I was signing up for, but the course was exactly what I needed and magically aligned with where I was at and what I was working through.
    If you are ready for a deep dive then this is for you. If you’re not sure then this is for you too! It takes you places you can’t imagine and connects you to a deeper sense of self and knowing.
    Joanna Rushton is a incredible teacher and guide. To work with her is truly a gift.

  5. Heidi PAPIN

    Where do i even begin to describe in words What OTC with Jo has gifted me. I feel like i remember myself again, the truth of myself and i can say without a shadow of doubt that i have come into a place of true self love. Through this work i have grown so much and feel as though regardless of what i do or where i am, i am held by by own divinity and because of that i am more able to see it in others. This course has changed the way i see the world, the way i navigate my day to day and has assisted me to fully say yes to my gifts and share them without hesitation. I am forever grateful to Joanna Rushton for holding such a strong space for us to meet all parts of our self and come into a deeper sense of self love and trust.

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