Be a Healer: Podcast with Corrective Culture

Be the healer you are.

Be the healer you are.


Do you fear death? Are you able to embrace all parts of you, including your shadow self? So you can be the healer you are.

Earlier this month I was asked by Callen Krause and Jake Stone if I’d join them on their podcast. They are the founders of Corrective Culture in QLD a Holistic and multi disciplined health and wellbeing studio.

Both are wonderful human beings and gifted body workers and have been students of mine through the Chek Institute and Callen is also currently doing The Masters Way – Path of Light program with me.

Of course, I said I’d love to and how about I bring Ishtar along and we can have a light party! And so we did….

We covered an area of topics from shadow work, channeling, dealing with death and understanding Universal laws.

We discussed one of the most common challenges on the path to embracing our light and living our potential as human beings.

If you feel called to tuning into this podcast join us below:

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  • I loved this podcast, thank you so much. very inspirational. I have done URH with Ishtar which was beyond amazing.
    johanna samad