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Working with Jo

I take a holistic approach to overcoming physical and emotional health challenges where traditional approaches fail.

Rather than treating an illness or particular set of symptoms, I coach, educate, guide and support you to heal by making the practical choices on a daily basis, which restores balance and harmony to your body, your health and your wellbeing.

When viewed holistically, the symptoms we experience are the result of our body no longer able to adapt to one or more of the physical, mental, emotional or life stressors placed upon it, through the demands of modern living.

It’s our body’s way of saying, these choices you are making are no longer serving you, its time to do things differently, to take a different approach to self-care and management of your wellbeing.

I’m here to remind you, nothing is impossible. The word it self is a disguise for “I’m possible”

About Jo

I am a way shower, dedicated to awakening you to your highest potential

As a holistic health and energy therapist, teacher and author I have studied under some of the world’s leading holistic health practitioners and healers. I am a Faculty Member of the Chek Institute, and teach Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1 and 2 across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and the UK.

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Author, Speaker, Educator

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Researcher, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author

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CEO of The Energy Project Australia & New Zealand (or ANZ)

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