Akashic Alchemy Reading & Healing

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Healings may be received face to face or via Zoom

Reading and healing:
90 minute session = $195

Please note a 24 hour cancellation fee applies

To book an appointment please call Jo on 0412271224 or email on info@joannarushton.com




The Akashic field has existed from the beginning of time and exists beyond our human construct of time and space.

Also known, or referred to, as the Halls of Amenti, the Akasha, are multi-dimensional libraries of light, where all the records of experiences, learning’s and wisdom, pertaining to each and every soul ever incarnated, is encoded in light and held in the Akashic field.

This living database of information holds both an individuals past, present and future potential in the now.

An Askashic record reading and healing can offer clarity and direction when you are feeling challenged or in resistance to the changes occurring in your life.

The reading provides an opportunity to receive clarity on your souls highest potential this lifetime. At the same time, becoming aware of the unconscious and subconscious beliefs created from past life events and experiences that are limiting you in fulfilling your potential this lifetime.

An Akashic reading provides an opportunity to heal the wounds of your past and embrace the wisdom and gifts your soul is here to share through living and expressing your Divine truth.

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2 reviews for Akashic Alchemy Reading & Healing

  1. Tiffany Hayes

    Thank you so much Jo for your time, compassion and understanding you showed to me when I was going through a very difficult time. Throughout each session I felt that I was being held in a warm cocoon of strength and light when I was feeling exceptionally vulnerable, raw and low. Going through a grieving process is never easy but the combination of gaining an understanding of why I was feeling the way I was, the steps we took together and the processes that I was guided to do by you really helped to shift the heaviness and sadness I was carrying in my heart. I highly recommend Jo and feel so much gratitude for all that you have assisted me through. Thank you xx

    • admin

      Thank you Tiffany, it was an honour to work with you and support you through your healing process. Much love to you

  2. Linda Fehr

    Thank you Jo. Your knowledge and guidance has been very helpful and appreciated. I am very grateful that I was guided to you through Ishtar and Paul Check. I was able to notice a difference very quickly after our first session and now after many weeks I continue to feel the benefits. Namely, I feel I have a deeper understanding of our connection with the infinite love and light that exists in the universe, and that it is there waiting( patiently) for us to open to it. My sessions with you brought to light – very deep rooted fears and beliefs. You provided guidance and a safe loving space to start to explore them. Thank you so much for supporting me on my spiritual journey.

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