Harmonic Sound Therapy


Sessions may be received face to face or via Zoom
1 hr sessions $175+ GST
Please note a 24 hour cancellation fee applies
To book an appointment or to speak further with Jo please call on 0412271224 


As a harmoniser we are healers and balancers of conscious energy.  We are able to harmonise the energy and consciousness of a soul, so that peace can exist in their heart and mind.

We hold codes (sound frequencies) that assist others to hold grace, balance and love with their soul and to recognise the innocent heart that sits within them without any fear of being vulnerable and unsafe on Earth.

Why is sound frequency so effective? 
When you use sound to transmit energy to the physical body, the cells of the physical body open to receive the frequency of prana or chi that is carried on the air that we breathe. Because the speed of sound is slower than the speed of light, sound does not cause the cells of the body to shut down.
Harmonic sound therapy can assist with relieving physical pain in the body, by supporting the vibrational frequency of the cells of the physical body to come back into balance.

Mental and emotional distress can be eased by supporting the vibrational frequency of the chakras and energy bodies to be harmonised and balanced.


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