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Universal Rays Soul Reading  

Readings may be received face to face or via Zoom

90 minute reading $195

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The Universal Rays are the creation principles with which each one of us are co- creating our reality with.

A Universal Rays Soul reading tells you, which Universal Rays govern your life.

There are 12 Universal Rays and 7 different areas of your life, which are governed by the different creative principles of the Universal Rays.

Depending which Ray sits where in your chart, provides you with a profound insight to the nature of the consciousness (energy with intention) by which you are co-creating your reality and life.

After receiving a Soul Ray reading, clients say they understand so much better what and why things happen the way they do in their lives and why they make the choices they do.

A Universal Rays Soul reading provides you with the following Rays:

  • Your SOUL RAY, this will tell you why you are here and what your soul has come to learn so it can evolve.
  • Your MONAD RAY (collective consciousness), this will tell you what you are being asked to resolve and release this lifetime.
  • Your EGO RAY, this will tell you how you see yourself and wish the world to see you.
  • Your EMOTIONAL RAY, this will tell you how you express your emotions and how these affect your life.
  • Your MENTAL RAY, this will tell you how you think and use your intellect and how this affects your life.
  • Your PHYSICAL RAY, this will tell you how you work with your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) and how you interact with your physical environment.
  • Your ANCESTRAL RAY, this will tell you the gift you are here to give to your family bloodline through your example – ‘walking your talk’

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