Inner Child Therapy

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This work is a profound experiential journey and deeply touches the soul.
Sessions may be received face to face or via Zoom
1 hr sessions $175 + GST
Please note a 24 hour cancellation fee applies
To book an appointment or to speak further with Jo please call on 0412271224
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The Inner child is our most primal and vulnerable aspects of our consciousness, the one we are first born into. We are never NOT children.
The child self seeks connection (love), through this vibration of consciousness it finds safety, security, self-esteem, and power. When a souls child self holds unresolved trauma from this lifetime or past lifetimes it creates separation and distrust with the present time adult self, leading to destructive behaviours and choices and a lifetime of self-sabotage, pain and suffering.
This profound work helps the child self grow to embrace the adult self with love so the separation of our consciousness is healed and comes into oneness.
This work is an experiential journey, guided by hypnotic meditation. It assists the separation between the child and adult self to be released so we no longer feel unsafe, limited, fearful or angry. It helps us step out of victim mentality of the wounded inner child and assists the child self to release beliefs that it is responsible for all the traumatic experiences in its short life.
The commitment to this work varies with everyone however 8 – 10 sessions over 2-3 months is the norm
It is recommended to combine this work with the Universal Ray Healings to support the integration of the energy and consciousness you are working with.
How do you know when you would benefit from this work? If you resonate with any of these wounded inner child traits, then it would support you greatly to work with this aspect of yourself.
  • Easily triggered by the company or behaviour of either of your parents…
  • Having big feelings about small things….
  • Self-sabotaging behaviours….
  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms….
  • A difficult relationship with your family….
  • Self-criticism and low self-esteem….
  • Relationship issues….
  • Feel blamed by others in situations or quick to find someone or something else to blame…
  • Wants to be rescued or seeks to be the rescuer…
  • Being in conflict or confrontation with others or yourself seems to be the norm…
  • The need to be right or offermed in someway…
Trust the calling when it comes and know you will be deeply held and supported through this journey.

9 reviews for Inner Child Therapy

  1. Helen Coetzee

    The work I’ve done with Jo over the years has been powerful. With all the modalities Jo brings to the table, the inner child sessions had the most profound effect on my life, and how I related to myself that assisted me to heal old wounds, and move on from grief to unconditional love. The softening, and the expansion I have experienced has only enriched my understanding, and inspired compassion and forgiveness. It’s so freeing. You just need the courage to seek the kid within … the wild and truest essence of self. I can’t recommend meeting your inner child enough. Jo is the master guide. So much Gratitude and appreciation for this woman’s work. H✨

  2. Megan Schurr

    Through the Inner Child Sessions, Jo guided me to explore parts of myself I previously never knew existed. Her honesty helped me to see things as they were and as a result of this new awareness begin to accept myself with more love. The sessions were confronting at times but I always felt completely safe and free to express whatever emotions arose from within. I am so grateful to have worked with Jo and highly recommend her.

  3. Oier Ruiz Trevino

    The inner child work I did with Jo was an amazing powerful experience and a big part of my healing process. After completing the work, I felt connected and in love with myself and I got to resolve some of my family trauma that was sitting within me for way too long.
    I benefited so much from connecting regularly with my inner child and showering him with unconditional love.
    I cannot recommend these sessions enough. If you feel called to do this work, don’t hesitate even for a minute and follow your instincts. It will definitely lead you to a better place understanding of yourself. And there is no better person to guide you through the process than the amazing Jo Rushton.

  4. Bec Methorst

    Working through challenges and wanting to grow and learn, I have learnt is meeting with your inner child!
    This beautiful process that is guided by Jo so delicately, and warmly carries you to a place that you either forgot was ever there or perhaps you just locked it away thinking you didnt have to ever deal with it again. I realised that this isnt healthy for our present and future selves, and created a lot of self limiting patterns that repeated in my life about my own self worth.
    Jo’s gentleness and guidence opens the eyes to seeing what was there for us, either happiness or sadness, and most of all acknowledgment of our inner child and facilitating a reconnection.
    This work helps to heal, understand ones self, and for me, to remember a strong, free spirited and confident little girl hiding in there that wants to be let free again to adventure and explore.

  5. Greig

    The inner child work i did with Jo was (and continues to be) instrumental in my spiritual journey and my healing. Being guided by Jo to connect with my inner child has assisted me to learn how to acknowledge, honour and accept all aspects of my true self, start to resolve past trauma and overall tread a lot lighter in this life journey.
    If you feel called to this work i would jump in head first. Jo’s guidance and ongoing support is second to none and i have no issue recommending her as a life teacher, mentor and guide. Thank you Jo 🙂

  6. Tennielle

    What an unexpectedly curious experience the inner child work was. Throughout the sessions I completed with Jo I felt a myriad of emotions, ranging from pure bliss to deep sorrow. Yet throughout it all, my connection to self expanded beyond my wildest imagination. It was a beautiful remembering of the little girl I once was, allowing her to be held with compassion and aiding to bridge that consciousness into the now, to embody a lightness that I never thought possible.

  7. Todd

    When I approached Jo about some of the challenges I was facing in my life. Jo was quick to revert my attention from focusing on the events and circumstances happening around me, instead she brought an awareness for me to start channelling what was happening inside of myself and how this was replayed in my life through events and circumstances. Doing the inner child work with Jo brought up a lot that had been suppressed for many years. The work was challenging but very rewarding. Through this work my relationship with myself has improved which has had a profound effect on how I see and treat the world around me especially when it comes to any relationships that bring me joy and discomfort. Jo’s teachings weren’t just about me relying on someone else to do the work, but Jo gave me the tools to continue the work on myself for whenever I do meet difficult challenges in life. I am at ease now with the world around me. I don’t need to control events, circumstances and or people that come to my life. I walk now with much more optimism of who and what I am, and I can’t recommend Jo enough for allowing a space for me to open and grow through my challenges. Jo is a wonderful person with a unique ability at connecting with you and her advice is always on point. Thank-you Jo for the wonderful blessings and I encourage anyone looking to improve themselves and their relationships with others to not let your doubts and fears manifest in your life any longer, you won’t regret it.

  8. Tom Schurr

    Working with Jo through the inner child process was a deep and profound journey. I was able to connect to many parts of myself that lay buried beneath the surface. It is a journey of courage, exploration and path to mental, emotional and spiritual growth that I feel is best done with the support, guidance, experience and love of someone with Jo’s experience.

    The gifts I received I feel were a powerful healing not only for myself but also for my parents and our connection, but most importantly so my children can be free of many programs or aspects of myself that I was carrying forward. It enables you to meet and be more of yourself, and lift and shift that which is not yours. A pathway to further spiritual freedom and exploration.

    I highly recommend this process and with Jo’s support and guidance.

  9. Paola

    The work I did with Jo, I honestly started with an open heart but somehow it seemed really hard almost impossible to do but I gave it a try.
    Being around Jo always brought me this trust surrendering feelings, I had to try. When we continued working on this gentle beautiful mind therapies going within, and also working by myself with the tools she gave me, it was the most remarkable thing I have ever experienced. Working with myself and recognising that kid I was that was so hurt, it’s hard to believe it could be healed…. What a magnificent experience and empowering thing to do. I changed a lot, my life and even my health. Because of that I continued studying with her and today I feel like this was the best decision I have ever made. Life changing. It took me 42 years to meet myself again and heal me. Thank you Jo. I could not have done it without you and that would have been a waste of life…. I love you

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